New Law Waives Renewal Fee For Substitute Teaching License

EVERGREEN PARK, IL — The Illinois House has passed new law which eliminates a burdensome licensing fee pushing qualified substitute teachers out of the classroom. State Rep. Kelly Burke (36th District) helped pass IL House Bill 3298. The bill became law last month.

“As a parent, I believe we have an obligation to ensure our children have access to a high-quality education,” Burke said in a news release. “Our children’s education should not stop when their teacher is sick or unable to be in the classroom, which is why we must reduce the burden for highly qualified individuals to become substitute teachers.”

HB 3298 waives the $50 renewal fee charged to teachers reapplying for a substitute teaching license if they have taught ten full schools days throughout the previous year. The measure also allows new applicants for a substitute teaching license to receive a refund for the license fee if the applicant has taught at least ten days within their first year of teaching.

“We should not be nickel and diming hardworking teachers who are trying to make a difference,” Burke said. “I am thrilled we are providing some relief to educators across our state and I will continue fighting for our teachers and students.”

Photo: State Rep. Kelly Burke | Provided

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