Ives wouldn’t commit more to higher education in Illinois


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A conversation 4 The Record had with Illinois state representative Jeanne Ives covered a wide range of issues.

It was too long to fit all of it into the television broadcast.

This part of our discussion focused on the outcome of the recent veto session and her stance on education policy.

Ives shared her stance on the monthly financial reporting requirement for state agencies.

“More reporting is better than less reporting,” Ives said, adding that there are some places that might need the reporting tightened up. “The truth is we shouldn’t be in this paper cycle of putting reports together on paper. It’s highly inefficient. All this should be automated.”

She also took a strong stand against more money for higher education.

“No, I’m not willing to devote more money to higher education at this time,” Ives said. “There’s been administrative bloat from the get-go. … Not even teachers so much, but administrative bloat. … We have a lot of work to do in higher ed, but it’s not any more money there.”

Watch the video above for the full interview. 

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