The Beachwood Reporter – Here’s Bruce Rauner Lying About How His Daughter Got Into Prestigious Payton High School

Multiple Lies In A Single Debate Answer

File under Reminder.


That statement, among many shifting Rauner statements on the matter during the 2014 campaign, contains several lies. Count them!

“Outgoing CPS Inspector General James Sullivan said publicly for the first time Wednesday night that the daughter was not qualified and was admitted only after her father called then-CPS CEO Arne Duncan’s office,” ABC 7 reported in 2014.

“There was a phone call made to the CEO’s office by Mr. Rauner,” Sullivan said. “Somebody in the CEO’s office called Walter Payton and his daughter was admitted to the school.”


“Sullivan also says Rauner’s daughter wasn’t on a principal’s discretion list as Rauner indicated,” the Springfield State Journal-Register noted at the time.


“Sullivan told The Associated Press [in 2014] that Rauner didn’t use the formalized principals’ process. CPS policy says that principals of selective high schools can use discretion for up to 5 percent of incoming freshmen.

“Sullivan said Rauner contacted then-CEO Arne Duncan’s office, had at least two conversations with a chief aide, and the admission status was changed after the aide called the principal.”


“David Pickens quit Friday following a series of Tribune reports in which he confirmed that he kept the logs at the request of then-schools chief Arne Duncan, who is now the U.S. secretary of education,” the paper reported in 2010.

“The Tribune revealed earlier this week that Duncan ordered admissions requests tracked over several years, creating a lengthy and detailed compilation of politicians and influential business people who intervened on behalf of children during his tenure.”

Duncan, of course, went on to become Barack Obama’s Secretary of Education.

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Posted on August 3, 2017

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