Treasurer Gives Away Record Amount of Money

As the state raises taxes this summer one state official is giving away money – a record amount of it. 
State Treasurer Mike Frerichs has given away a record amount of cash this year from the state’s I-Cash Program. That’s where unclaimed bank accounts, stocks, insurance benefits and other items lay in waiting till they are reunited with their rightful owner. Greg Rivara with the office says I-Cash is growing bigger every year and now with larger amounts of money passed out. 
In all this year nearly 160 million dollars of cash, stock and other items were returned. 
It’s easy to find out if you have any money or other items coming to you… the state has a website set up at Illinois Treasurer dot gov. And when you attend events like the Illinois State Fair the office often times has mobile centers set up to help you look for items. 
A notable return this year was a purple heart that belonged to a central Illinois woman’s father who had passed away. The return was special because the daughter knew her dad had served in the military but wasn’t aware that he had been awarded a purple heart during his service.

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