Rep. DeLuca hailed by local government

Local governments across Illinois are thanking Rep. Anthony DeLuca for helping advance a plan aimed at keeping critical revenue and budget decisions local.

The Illinois Coalition of Local Governments hailed DeLuca, chairman of the House Cities and Villages Committee, for organizing a joint legislative hearing with the House Revenue and Finance Committee on House Bill 2717.

The bill calls for municipalities around Illinois to be able to work with outside professional consultants to review their tax collections and identify areas for improvement. The bill would end actions by the Illinois Department of Revenue to prevent such hirings.

In other news, DeLuca recently introduced legislation to protect local communities from gun violence. Currently, state law doesn’t prevent a minor from being allowed a sentence of probation for multiple offenses involving a firearm. DeLuca’s House Bill 487 would prohibit courts from giving minors a sentence of probation for repeat offenses when a firearm is involved.

In addition, he is sponsoring House Bill 2647, which would require the Illinois Department of Veteran Affairs to create several programs to better serve veterans with PTSD and other service-related mental illnesses.

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