Johnson County Farm Bureau presents Forby with Friend of Agriculture award

The Vienna Times
State Senator Gary Forby (D-Benton) joined Johnson County farmers Friday, Aug. 12th, for a night at the Miners game, hosted by Southern Illinois Farm Bureaus in Marion, where he was honored with the Friend of Agriculture award.

The award is an honor given only to legislators who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the agricultural industry in Illinois.

“Agriculture is the economic engine of our state. It creates economic activity and thousands of jobs throughout Southern Illinois,” Forby said. “It is important that we as state legislators support local farmers. I want to thank the area Farm Bureaus for their support and I look forward to continuing our strong relationship.”

For legislators to be eligible to receive the award they must have a voting record of at least 60 percent on legislative priorities for Illinois Farm Bureaus. Forby was given the award because he has consistently backed important legislative challenges, and has been instrumental in addressing such challenges, with a 98 percent voting record.

David Allbritten, president of the Johnson County Farm Bureau noted that the Friend of Agriculture award designates Senator Forby as a strong supporter of agriculture in Southern Illinois.

“We greatly appreciate his work on so many issues that are important to Farm Bureau and we value the fact that he has received this award multiple times during his tenure,” Allbritten added.

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