Chicago police see sharp decrease in gun violence over holiday weekend

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CHICAGO – Chicago police saw a sharp decrease in gun violence over the July Fourth holiday weekend.

CPD superintendent Eddie Johnson ran down the holiday weekend numbers Monday night:  Three killed, 28 others injured.

It is a sharp decrease over last year, prompted perhaps by 88 gang members arrested Friday and 27 on Thursday during police raids.  Most were charged with drug and weapons offenses.

“They were off the streets this weekend because our enforcement missions,” Johnson said. “It speaks to the idea behind Sen Raoul introduced on Friday with my full support.  It gives the justice system the tools they need to keep these violent offenders off the streets before the inflict more violence on our community.”

Supt Johnson also pointed out his body camera at the news conference, which he wears consistently.  By the end of this month, seven of the city’s police districts will be fully outfitted with those cameras for every officer

Read more: CLTV

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