As the virus took hold in Southern Illinois, grocery workers didn’t have the option to stay home

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“People get so angry when you tell them that,” she said of enforcing mask mandates.

Merriweather said she is a social person, and has enjoyed talking with customers.

“They tell you their whole life story within a couple of months sometimes,” she said.

Avalon said even with these magnified emotions, compassion is needed.

“Each person that comes through the door has a whole story of their own that is amplified during these uncertain times,” Avalon said.

While she enjoys her jobs working with customers, Merriweather said it doesn’t come without some fear.

“I’m just scared — I don’t want to get sick,” she said, adding that she also doesn’t want to expose anyone to COVID-19, either.

As service workers saw their value go up, Avalon said she felt connected to her co-workers because of the pandemic.

“It’s definitely a given that we try to help each other out as much as possible knowing we are all under uncertain pressures each day from the demand of the impact of the virus,” she said.

Merriweather said the pandemic has made some realize something she’s known all along.

“Working retail, you’re important anyway,” Merriweather said.

via The Southern

December 25, 2020 at 08:24PM

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