TAX AMENDMENT: Vote ‘yes’ in absence of other solutions

We’ve already voted in favor of the Fair Tax Amendment. Our opportunity to reject it was in 2018.

J.B. Pritzker hasn’t blinked away from his Fair Tax Amendment, from his speeches on the campaign trail to putting his pocketbook where his plan was to presenting a budget that included funds from the anticipated passage.

Pritzker’s election cushion of 55%-39% was the most lopsided in an Illinois gubernatorial race since Jim Edgar’s re-election in 1994. The people have spoken, and when they speak next month, they should finish the job and approve Pritzker’s Fair Tax Amendment.

It’s not an argument that the wealthier among us can afford to pay more taxes. It’s that the poor cannot. The problem is while a dollar is a dollar in the marketplace, there’s a significant difference when we apply the question of percentage of income.

Where are the fixes going to come from? Remember mental health specialists taking over the role now served by police in some calls? Remember how concerned we were about opioids before life was interrupted by a pandemic? Remember, there is fallout from COVID-19 that we have yet to even realize.

All of those fixes will need to be paid for. Rather than bluntly spitting a “no” at the idea of the amendment, its opponents would do well to propose alternatives instead of thinking its supporters see the amendment as a magic bullet to solve multiple issues.


October 10, 2020 at 08:37AM

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