Hinsdale-Area Rep: Obama Disliked ‘Colonialist White Men’


HINSDALE, IL — These days, Republican state Rep. Deanne Mazzochi, whose district includes all or parts of Hinsdale, Clarendon Hills and Western Springs, is focused on House Speaker Michael Madigan’s ethical issues, taxes and spending — at least in her official statements.

But a couple of years before joining the Legislature in 2018, she focused on hot-button issues on her personal Facebook page, where she often labeled her posts "Snark of the day."

On May 5, 2016, she weighed in on President Barack Obama and then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in a "Snark of the day" post.

"We just had a president who was clearly in it to get historic revenge against ‘colonialist white men.’ Now we’re supposed to elect a revenge-hungry shrew who wants to punish all men in general? No thanks," Mazzochi wrote.

Patch sent a request for comment with Mazzochi’s re-election campaign, but the message was not returned.

With her Facebook post, Mazzochi left unclear what she meant by "colonialist white men." Her post did not touch on colonialism as it relates to the American Revolution, when colonists fought Great Britain, a colonial power.

The Oxford Languages dictionary defines colonialist as "a person who supports the practice of gaining political control over other countries and occupying them with settlers."

Mazzochi wrote the post when she was the chairwoman of the College of Dupage Board of Trustees.

Mazzochi hasn’t written a "Snark of the day" on her personal Facebook page in years.

In 2016, she wrote a number of tweets in defense of then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, although she won’t say these days whether she’ll vote for him.

Mazzochi suggested what type of president was best for the country.

"If you favor liberty then the President should be a white, male Republican. Because only then will the Deep State and the Media keep him in check," she wrote.

She also apparently took an interest in the issue of bathrooms and transgenders in her "Snark of the day" posts.

In one post, she wrote, "In Obamaland, it is more important to attack women who don’t want to have to worry about perverts molesting their kids in public bathrooms than it is to attack ISIS."

In another, she said, "JFK wanted to send a man to the moon. Obama wants to send a man to the girls’ bathroom."

via Hinsdale-Clarendon Hills, IL Patch

October 10, 2020 at 07:51AM

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