Endorsement: The Fair Tax


We are not opposed to a graduated income tax on principle, and we do see its potential. However, on balance, we believe voters in Illinois should vote against this proposal.

It’s pretty clear that the people of Illinois don’t have much trust in their state government. There’s good reason for that. Springfield hasn’t demonstrated any real fiscal restraint, and the pension crisis has loomed for years with no real solution on the horizon.

We give Pritzker credit for seeking ways to fix the state’s fiscal situation. But we, too, don’t believe Springfield has earned the trust of the public for such a move.

We understand some critics of the Fair Tax are just philosophically opposed to a graduated income tax system, or they’re just trying to protect their own assets.

We are not in those camps. As with all issues, we try to see this through the prism of our community.

In the Quad-Cities, it is no secret the Illinois side of the Mississippi River is hurting economically compared to Iowa. Historically, the flat income tax has always been an advantage that Illinois has had when it comes to attracting business and population.

Lately, Iowa has been in the midst of lowering its income taxes. If Illinois goes in the opposite direction, this could eliminate one of the few advantages the state has and just tip the balance further, pushing even more people out of the state.

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October 10, 2020 at 01:51AM

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