How D-205 Should Handle ‘Delicate Situation’ Of Election: Leader

ELMHURST, IL — It may be tempting to say that America is more divided than ever before. But that would ignore history, particularly the Civil War, when the country was literally separated.

Still, a lot of political discourse on social media these days involves combatants on each side who insist they are right and those on the other side are ignorant, evil or both.

Last week, Dave Moyer, superintendent of Elmhurst School District 205, gave teachers guidance on how to handle the political moment.

“The current election is going to be difficult for this country regardless of outcome, and the days leading up to it will likely not be pretty,” Moyer said in an email. “Please remember that you should not be advocating for political points of view in your classroom. This is a very delicate situation, and we all need to be careful that our personal views do not trickle into the classroom.”


via Elmhurst Patch

October 7, 2020 at 07:41AM

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