Planned Parenthood of Illinois offers free birth control for a year to eligible patients, as nation grapples over contraceptive coverage

Planned Parenthood of Illinois announced Friday that clinics across the state are offering free birth control for one year to eligible patients who can’t afford the cost, amid increasing attempts by the Trump administration to restrict contraceptive access and funding nationwide.

The new Access Birth Control initiative will cover injectable birth control, vaginal rings, oral contraceptive pills and condoms, as well as long-acting reversible contraceptives like an intrauterine device or implant, said Planned Parenthood of Illinois spokeswoman Julie Lynn.

This allows patients to use the method of birth control they prefer rather than automatically selecting the cheapest option, Lynn said. For example, IUDs are a highly effective form of long-term birth control but might be more expensive than other types.

“A lot of the time, people will get the method that’s most cost-effective rather than the method that’s best for them,” she said. “We want everyone to have access to their preferred method of birth control without cost as a barrier.”

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via Home – Chicago Tribune

February 8, 2019 at 04:30PM

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